Shelly Button 1

What is Shelly Button 1

Control everything with just a click. The Shelly Button 1 was developed to help you easily activate or deactivate any device or scene manually with just a click. The Shelly Button 1 is compact enough for you to carry it with you everywhere.





No hub required. Connect Shelly Button directly to your Wi-Fi network at home.

Control Remotely

Control a wide range of appliances directly from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

Built-in Battery

Powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing for more than 3000 actions per charge.

USB Powered Option

Connect via USB for constant power supply and Wi-Fi connection.

Fast Response

Response time of fewer than 2 seconds on battery and 100 ms on USB power.


No more stressful bright light during the early hours of the morning. Set your custom schedule and choose soft and low light for when it is still dark outside.

  • 1x – Bedroom light on/off
  • 2x – Blinds are closed
  • 3x – Turn the fan on/off
  • Long push – Turn all lights on/off



The Shelly Button 1 allows you to set a different dimming level for every push sequence and tunes the lights to your mood and needs.

  • 1x – 25% dimming
  • 2x – 50% dimming
  • 3x – 100% dimming
  • Long push – Turn the lights on/off


Battery life: 3000 actions per charge
Power supply AC: No
Power supply DC: Micro USB – 5V
Complex scenes control: Activate or deactivate synchronized actions of several Shelly devices
Overload protection: No
Power measurement:


Dimming: Yes
Operational temperature: -40 to + 40
Local and remote control: Yes
Sunrise/Sunset: No
Weekly Schedule: No
UL Listed option: No
Wireless/Wi-Fi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n
Radiofrequency: 2400 – 2484 MHz
Radio signal power: 1mW



· Up to 50m outdoors
· Up to 30m indoors
(Depending on the building materials)
Size: 45mm x 45mm x 16mm

Use Cases

Control The Lights

Control The Lights

With the Shelly Button 1, you can control up to 4 different lights or Shelly relays. Just set the action you want to perform for every different push sequence.
Open Your Garage

Open Your Garage

Park your car in the garage immediately after getting to your house. No need for unnecessary actions or getting out of your vehicle. Just press the button when you are in range of your home network or use your phone/car hotspot and send a command to Shelly 1 or Shelly 2.5 to open the garage door.
Too Far Away? Not A Problem For The Shelly Button 1

Too Far Away? Not A Problem For The Shelly Button 1

With Shelly Button 1 distance is not an issue. You can open your garage door and control your other Shelly devices and relays by setting a scene and connecting Shelly Button 1 to a Wi-Fi network to easily activate it.

Download the Shelly Cloud app for Android and iOS

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