Shelly Pro 4PM

What is Shelly Pro 4PM?

Shelly Pro 4PM is a one-phase, 4-channel relay, supporting up to 16A per channel with a total device capacity of 40A. Shelly Pro 4PM is equipped with four integrated precise power meters that allow you to control and monitor the consumption for each channel separately. Equipped with LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, it allows for a more secure and reliable connection. Use scripting functionalities to set custom automation scenes based on various occurrences, weather forecasts, wind forecasts, etc.



LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity

LAN connection for high security and reliability. Simultaneous Wi-Fi and LAN usage, as backup when needed.

Wide range of voltage support

Use it to control a wide range of devices and appliances.

4 outputs, 16 A each

Shelly Pro 4PM has a total device output of 40A.

Enhanced safety & security

Improved safety features and TLS 1.2 support, allowing a broad range of secure cloud-connected and local integrations.

Power monitoring

Shelly Pro 4PM provides precise monitoring of the power consumption.

Scripting capabilities

Shelly Pro 4PM fully supports mjS scripting, allowing you to create further features and functionalities.


Simplified internal schematics

Basic wiring diagram


Terminals  Cables

O1, O2, O3, O4

Load circuit input terminals


Live (110-240 V) cable

S1S2, S3, S4

Switch/button input terminals


Neutral cable


Switch/button input terminals



Live (110-240 V) terminal



Neutral terminal




Local Area Network RJ 45 connector





Size (HxWxD): 96x53x59 ±0.5 mm / 3.78x2.01x2.32 ±0.02 in
Mounting: DIN rail
Screw terminals max torque: 0.4 Nm / 3.5 lbin
Conductor cross section: 0.5 to 2.5 mm² / 20 to 14 AWG
Conductor stripped length: 6 to 7 mm / 0.24 to 0.28 in
Shell material:  Plastic
Color:  Black
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to 40 °C / -5 °F to 105 °F
Humidity 30 % to 70 % RH
Max. altitude 2000 m / 6562 ft
Power supply voltage AC: 110 - 240 V
Power supply voltage DC: N/A
Power consumption: < 4 W
Neutral not needed:  No
Output circuits ratings
 Max switching voltage AC:  240 V
 Max switching voltage DC:  N/A
 Max switching current AC:  16 A per channel, 40 A total
 Max switching current DC:  N/A
Sensors, meters
Voltmeter (AC) Yes
Ammeter (AC) Yes
Temperature sensor: Yes
RF band: 2400 - 2495 MHz
Max. RF power:  <20 dBm
Wi-Fi protocol:  802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Range:  Up to 30 m / 100 ft indoors and 50 m / 160 ft outdoors (Depends on local conditions)
Bluetooth Protocol:  4.2
Bluetooth Range:  Up to 10 m / 33 ft indoors and 30 m / 100 ft outdoors (Depends on local conditions)
Flash:  8 MB
Firmware capabilities
Schedules:  20
Webhooks (URL actions):  20 with 5 URLs per hook
Scripting:  mJS
MQTT:  Yes
CoAP:  No

Installation of Shelly devices must be done by a qualified electrician or authorised installers.

Use Cases

Appliances control and monitoring

Appliances control and monitoring

Predict monthly costs and plan your spending better! Automate the electrical appliances in the restaurant and track their energy consumption wherever you are. Shelly Pro 4PM will inform you in case an appliance is forgotten and left working outside of restaurant working hours, notifying you to switch it off to avoid electricity consumption waste. Additionally, you can set smart schedules and have Shelly cut off the power to all unused electrical appliances during the night and turn them back on right before the kitchen opens
Load shedding

Load shedding

Keep track of how much energy your solar panels and wind turbines are generating and save effortlessly by controlling your consumption with Shelly Pro 4PM. Connect Shelly Pro 4PM to your appliances and use Shelly 3EM's real-time information on how much energy has been generated and consumed. When you need to save energy, Shelly Pro 4PM can automatically switch-off non-essential connected appliances in your home
Automation of the common spaces for efficient energy usage

Automation of the common spaces for efficient energy usage

Reduce unnecessary monthly costs with Shelly smart lighting solutions. Shelly Pro 4PM can measure and control four separate light circuits and give you full control over common spaces such as halls, garages, and storage rooms, which usually have their lights constantly switched on. Now you can make them energy efficient using Shelly Pro 4PM's built-in scheduling and scripting functionalities. To fully automate your premises, add Shelly Motion2 to switch on the lights automatically when someone enters, and its pre-set smart timer will switch the lights off once the premises are empty.
Temperature control for better productivity

Temperature control for better productivity

Research shows that employees' productivity decreases when there are temperature fluctuations in the office. The cooling and heating systems in the building should follow the dynamic changes in the temperatures during the different seasons. Connect Shelly Pro 4PM to the motorized electrical valves in your water distribution box and control your heating and cooling efficiently. Smart schedules combined with temperature & humidity sensors and precise weather data will provide dynamic control of the heating system for an optimal office indoor climate.

Download the Shelly Cloud app for Android and iOS

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