Nology Launches Shelly Smart Home Solution in SA

November 2020 — Nology, a leading supplier of converged IP solutions has announced its appointment as the official distributor of Shelly smart home products in South Africa. This new relationship paves the way for delivering smart home devices at an affordable price point that is within reach to the average consumer.

Shelly is a reliable, yet affordable smart home automation solution that allows you to intelligently control and manage your home through an Internet connection and intuitive mobile app.

Shelly uses standard Wi-Fi and will work on your existing Wi-Fi network. No need for a specific or dedicated Hub or Controller.

With the focus being on making life easier, the Shelly solution allows you to control your home appliances and office equipment, as well as monitor the power consumption of your appliances from anywhere with your smartphone or sensors placed around the home or office, which can be used as triggers.

For example, you can set Shelly to automatically switch on your outdoor lights at sunset and automatically switch off at sunrise. Your Shelly 1 can automatically trigger your heater when the temperature drops below a certain value and Shelly Flood can instantly notify you of a burst geyser before costly damage is caused. Additionally, Shelly devices can also be set to perform multiple tasks with a single click or voice command (via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa), such as drop the projector screen, dim the relevant lights and switch on the popcorn maker when you’re about to watch a movie.

Shelly products are designed to offer maximum comfort, safety, and ease of installation. With their compact size, they offer some of the smallest designs in the world and have no issue fitting behind a light switch, out of sight.

The only thing needed to use Shelly products is Wi-Fi, an Internet connection and the free, user-friendly Shelly Cloud mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The Shelly Cloud mobile app has a host of features, such as scheduling, timers, countdown, grouping or creating of scenes that can activate multiple actions with just one tap.

All the Shelly products distributed by Nology have the required regulatory approvals and certifications and are sold through authorised resellers, retailers and installers throughout South Africa.


Download the Shelly Cloud app for Android and iOS
Download Shelly Cloud App on Apple App StoreDownload Shelly Cloud App on Google Play storeDownload Shelly Cloud app on Huawei App Gallery

Shelly Solution Features

  • Control your lights by adjusting the brightness, colours and set custom schedules
  • Manage your home appliances or office equipment from anywhere
  • Save energy and money
  • Control every single electrical appliance in your home, no matter where you are
  • Secure your house with integrated motion detection sensors
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, and brightness
  • Power consumption control and monitoring

For more information and details on the products and where to buy them, please visit the Shelly website at


About Allterco / Shelly:

ALLTERCO is a holding group company consolidating 7 companies in IoT and telecommunications. After more than 20 years of experience in offering mobile value-added products and services, the company is leaving its telecommunication business behind, and focusing on the development and distribution of IoT products and solutions.

In 2015 the affiliated company Allterco Robotics introduced its first GPS/GSM watch for kids, called MyKi Watch, and after that started the development of the home automation devices series – Shelly. Since then, Allterco Robotics has built a whole new trend in the Home Automation systems, Wearables, and Health Care segments, and has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers that sells its products in more than 120 countries.


About Nology:

Founded in 2001, Nology combines trusted business fundamentals, technical expertise and over 19 years’ experience to provide quality Broadband, Wireless, Networking and VoIP solutions to leading service providers, network operators and systems integrators across Southern Africa.

Nology represents, distributes and supports leading international brands and we are continually expanding our product offering. We have a strong reputation and proven track record in our industry and are trusted by the largest ISPs, network operators and South Africa’s broadband community in general.

For more information contact us on +27 (0) 010 824 0040. Alternatively, send any enquiries to or visit Nology’s website,